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Instructions for Whitening/Bleaching

  • Vital bleaching offers a safe, effective means of bleaching mildly discolored teeth.  Your teeth are likely to lighten 2-3 shades.  Porcelain crowns, bridges, or veneers will remain unchanged.  Additionally, some anterior composite fillings may need to be replaced after bleaching to achieve a shade match.

  • A dental cleaning prior to the start of the bleaching process will help in achieving optimum results by reducing external stain and providing optimum contact between the whitening/bleaching gel and the tooth.

  • Please follow the written instructions given to you when you received your bleaching kit.  Do not eat/drink ANYTHING THAT COULD STAIN A WHITE SHIRT FOR 3 HOURS AFTER TREATMENT.

  • After each dental cleaning, all of the external stains have been polished off. This is a great time to touch-up bleach for 30 minutes.  You can do this for 1-3 days.

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