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Instructions After Scaling & Root Planing

  • Following scaling and root planing, you can expect to notice less redness, less bleeding, and less swelling of your gum tissue.  Your mouth will taste better and feel better.  Your gum health can then be maintained with proper home-care and regular professional care.

  • Discomfort or pain should not be acute and should subside in a few hours, definitely within a few days.  Discomfort immediately after treatment is expected to be slight throbbing or aching and occasionally may be uncomfortable.  Ibuprofen may be taken, if necessary, as directed, to manage pain.  If local anesthetic was used, avoid eating until feeling returns to avoid injury to the tongue or cheeks.

  • Teeth may be sensitive to temperature changes and/or sweets.  The sensitivity to temperature may be noticeable the first several days and usually diminishes quickly.  

  • Some slight bleeding may occur during the next several brushings but the bleeding should steadily decrease.

  • As the gums heal they may change their shape around the teeth.  This is normal as they may tighten.

  • If extensive root planning was performed, chewing hard or crunchy foods may be uncomfortable; this should last no longer than a few days.  A diet of a softer consistency would be advised until chewing becomes more comfortable.​

  • If symptoms are severe or persistent, please call our office immediately at 803.548.4353. 

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