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Instructions For Partial Denture or Full Denture

  • After each meal remove denture, rinse and brush denture with denture cream toothpaste and small toothbrush or denture brush.  Also brush tongue with wet toothbrush.

  • Once per week, soak denture in Polident or Efferdent denture cleaner.

  • DO NOT soak your denture in mouthwash, peroxide or bleach - this will discolor it!

  • When not wearing your denture, place it in a container with a few drops of water to keep it moist.  DO NOT allow your denture to completely dry out.

  • Remove denture every night to allow your tissue to rest.  YOU MUST LEAVE DENTURE OUT FOR AT LEAST 8 HOURS EACH DAY OR NIGHT.

  • Call our office with any questions or sore spots.

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