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We perform a TMJ exam that evaluates the joint tissue in the “hinge” of the jaw. Possible problems include swelling, deterioration of the joint tissue or damaged joint tissue, or arthritis of the joint. Common pain relievers and cold compresses can provide temporary relief for most cases of TMJ. The “Temporomandibular Joint,” more commonly referred to as the “jaw joint,” assists in the basic opening and closing movements of the jaw. Although conventional wisdom suggest that "popping" sounds in the jaw indicates a TMJ dysfunction, this is not always true. Many times, your jaw is functioning properly even if a "popping" sound is present when chewing or talking.

For more serious cases of TMJ, we will recommend alternate treatments. Often, we will suggest using a mouthguard to relieve teeth grinding. For the most severe cases of TMJ, we may recommend and refer you to a specialist for more invasive treatment. 

The concept of a "filling " is replacing and restoring your tooth structure that is damaged due to decay or fracture with a material. We provide tooth-colored composite resin fillings.

Teeth Cleanings
A dental cleaning and examination is recommended 2 times per year. During this visit one of our dental hygienists will remove plaque from your teeth, focusing where your brush can't reach, such as underneath the gum line and in-between teeth.

Periodontitis is another form of periodontal disease and can be aggressive or chronic. Aggressive periodontitis displays rapid bone destruction and attachment loss in clinically healthy patients. Chronic periodontitis is one of the most common forms of periodontal disease and is frequently seen in adults. The stages progress slowly and can be recognized by gum recession and pocket formation. 

Treatment and Prevention
In certain cases, periodontal surgery may be recommended to treat periodontal disease when non surgical treatment is ineffective. Good oral hygiene and regular visits with your dentist and periodontist can prevent periodontal disease. Daily brushing and flossing can keep plaque to a minimum and, in conjunction with professional cleanings 2-4 times a year can keep teeth healthy for life.

General Treatment